‘Urban Royalty Volume 1: Price Going Up’ is the debut album from California Bay Area collective Urban Royalty

Urban Royalty is the new collective from the California Bay Area. Made up of Reina, Apollo, Kush Bud, Donnie Baby, ThumoLij & Papa Bear. An eight-track album with each track heavier hitting than the one before, ‘Urban Royalty Volume 1: Price Going Up’ will be their first compilation. Each artist is able to maintain their distinctive sound whilst blending into a cohesive and crisp crew, layered over futuristic trap beats.

This new collective is made out of California Bay artists who have all had their own careers developing their sound and style. Composer, singer, and record producer Reina is becoming known for her unparalleled approach that incorporates smooth California imagery with dark hip hop rhythms.

Rapper Apollo makes music with a distinctive flow full of nuance and emotion. Growing up, Apollo liked to impersonate rappers over his brother’s beats. Soon, he developed his own style and became unstoppable.

Papa Bear is a new voice on the rap scene who is undoubtedly here to stay. He creates tracks that have meaning, appealing to the new generation by incorporating the signature, catchy, Vallejo, California sound.

Kush Bud, artist and co-founder of label Air’d Out, is a veteran in the rap game. With over 16 years of experience, his unique voice and raw lyrics combine to produce tracks that capture your attention. ThumoLij is Kush Bud’s younger brother.

Donnie Baby is a rapper who makes self-proclaimed ‘hood girl music’. No matter what category her music is in, it’s undeniably relatable. Donnie Baby sets herself apart from the crowd by having no filter when it comes to speaking her mind.

This formidable collective has set its sights high, and we cannot wait to see what they do next!

‘Urban Royalty Volume 1: Price Going Up’ is available now via all major platforms.

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