HTK Productions x Dazed x Converse presents #UntoldStories… Featuring Zeze Millz, Munya Chuwawa, Harry Pinero and more!

#UntoldStories is a hot new, YouTube series centred around fascinating stories that remind us we are all human! From the downright bizarre ones, to the beautiful yet painfully awkward stories that make us laugh and cry. This series aims to shine an uncanny light on everyday topics such as Football, Parenthood, Big Breaks, Relationships, Horror Holidays and Education, through the lens of others.

Featuring the likes of Cultural Icons, Zeze Millz, Munya Chuwawa, Harry Pinero, Remi Burgz to everyday individuals, #UntoldStories serves a wholesome portrait of today’s society, that will surely be one to watch!

The show also marks Founder of HTK, Presenter, DJ and Creative Entrepreneur Henrie Kwushe’s return to filmmaking, after the success of her debut Docu-Series “Is Your Area Changing” and becoming a winner of the Dazed 100 initiative.

A special return supported by Dazed and Converse, who Henrie passionately joined forces with to not only birth a new series, but birth to an abundance of opportunities for Creatives from marginalised communities, who she hired as crew and mentored throughout the process, as a philanthropic effort to support her community.

“This was the biggest projects I’ve ever embarked on. But I’m very happy we did this because I worked with some incredible people and from it, got out some incredible stories”– Henrie, Founder

#UntoldStories showcases a refreshing take on life and explores the hidden gems in conversations and stories we often shy away from or keep to ourselves.

Expect to laugh, cry , feel a sense of nostalgia and most of all relate!

#UntoldStories will air on Henrie Kwushue’s YouTube channel on Tuesday 29th June 2021.

Stay tuned for updates on the following socials.

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