Introducing Artgasm Modern Art Gallery: Changing the Online Art Gallery Landscape

Traditionally the world of art has been historically prohibitive for both buyers and artists. That is where Artgasm Modern Art Gallery – a new online gallery wants to change to playing field for customers and creatives alike. With millions of online customers leading to billions of dollars in online sales the creators of this new gallery wanted to bring an intimate bricks and mortar gallery feel to the online world – where both collectors and artists have a more personal and interactive experience.

Artgasm hopes to change the way galleries are viewed with their innovative new site. Believing that access, knowledge, and connection are the keys to successfully navigating the world of art, the founders of the gallery want to change the way people discover and own works from exceptional artists, while seeking to maintain the quality and depth of expression that makes art such a transformative human experience. Looking to get rid of the “stuffy” stereotype, the gallery cleverly plays on sexual innuendos while giving individuals a fun and immersive experience. From their tag line “Mind Blowing Art” to a gallery spotlight aptly known as the “G Spot”, it is evident that the founders want others to enjoy the gallery experience, while also pushing the boundaries.

For the Artgasm team, they want to remove the barriers to collecting that buyers often feel. Buying art can be a daunting experience as an art purchase is far from being an exact science. There are many factors that can intimidate potential collectors. While cost is always a consideration, buyers also feel as if they have to have the prerequisite knowledge to choose the perfect piece. Artgasm is an easy to navigate gallery with some fun features for viewers. Artist videos allow people to hear from the artists directly. A VR gallery encourages individuals to “walk through” the gallery and browse work. All in all, it takes the online gallery to a new level, one which makes buying art approachable, interesting and fun.

Many talented artists find it difficult to get representation in galleries, especially more established galleries. This has nothing to do with the ability of the artists, rather it has a lot to do with the name that one has made for themselves in the art industry. The team at Artgasm is looking to introduce the art world to artists at all stages of their career, regardless of previous gallery representation, formal training and time spent in the industry. Instead they want to give artists a platform and let the artists’ work speak for itself. Focussing exclusively on modern art, potential buyers get to collect limited edition and one-off pieces, instead of mass produced works, while supporting artists in various disciplines from around the world.

Their inaugural line up consists of: Industrial Mixed Media Pop Artist Al Gord, Realistic Pop Nostalgia Artist Carmen Gonzalez, Digital Mixed Media Artist Chris Green, Multi-disciplinary Mixed Media Artist Denice Taylor Rinks, Modern Pop Artist Emma Henry, Latin American Magical Realism Artist Gabriela Farnell, Conceptual Expressionism Artist Karen Robb, Landscape Photographer Peter Kolejak and Cityscape and Landscape Photographer Urban Eco Ink.

Listen to the Jailbirds Sing ~ Al Gord

While some might argue that online galleries are the latest fascination, the reality is that the art industry landscape is changing. The founders shared that in talking to traditional gallery owners, along with established and successful artists – there is a growing movement to the online art industry. It makes for an interesting point to absorb regarding the old-school value of going into a physical gallery, to buy a work of art.

Artgasm’s lead curator explained why this new venture is important, saying,

“Relationships are key to everything that we do. We wanted to build a community, an art family where each artist has a voice, is personally known by the team and where each individual has input into the gallery. Just as importantly, we want to find ways to bring that personalized experience to every potential collector.”

Recognizing that connections are key, the uniqueness and innovation the gallery is showing will surely translate to success in the industry, as they pave the way for what an online gallery should be.

One of the exciting propositions for the gallerists at Artgasm is that they view the online gallery as a way to democratize the cultural experience. Through this platform, collectors and artists alike have opportunities outside of the traditional art-world industry which tends to be highly exclusive. The founders see this as a way of leveling the playing field by making it easy for collectors at all entry points to purchase work and by making it accessible for talented artists to be represented, an opportunity which many creatives never get to experience.

To tour the gallery and follow their journey readers can visit Artgasm’s website, Instagram and Pinterest.

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