Smooth R&B undertones and nostalgic vibe: Introducing emerging UK singer-songwriter J Elle and her 90’s/00’s influenced track ‘Face It’

Following a remarkable 2019 flexing her song writing skills and working on her craft, talented songstress J Elle returns with the 90’s/00’s influenced track, ‘Face It’.

With its smooth RnB undertones and nostalgic vibe offered throughout, the emerging artist takes listeners on an emotional and relatable journey with her honest lyrics and catchy melodies, resulting in a strong addition to the UK RnB catalogue. Facing up to the fact that a relationship has run its natural course, it’s a candid release from the rising talented singer-songwriter.

Speaking on the track she said: “I really think this is the best music I’ve released to date, I feel like it’s so relatable. I want my listeners to connect with it and feel validated in their feelings. I’m such an advocate for women’s rights and not stereotyping anyone based on race, gender, sexuality, etc. This song is just showing that women aren’t always the ‘emotional’ or ‘crazy’ ones in a relationship. Sometimes they just come to a natural end and it’s easier to just face that’s it’s over for both of you, than to hold on and hurt each other more. It’s just a more mature way of looking at things I guess.

“’It really shows off vocals that I don’t think I’ve showcased before. It’s got the old school RnB vibe that I am and always will be obsessed with. I love the message of the song; it’s not happy or sad, it’s inevitable. No one’s gotta be the crazy ex, or the stalker, or throwing clothes out the window; it just is what it is.”

Having penned songs for the likes of Pop sensation Celina Sharma (‘Lean On’ racked up over 14M streams and YouTube views combined) and with previous support from key tastemaker HIGH SNOBIETY, plus her most popular release to date ‘Take Me Away’ getting the Spotify playlist treatment, it’s an exciting time. Navigating the year with the strong intent she plans to continue with, J Elle isn’t one to be slept on.

‘Face It’ is available now via all major platforms.

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