Working hard to establish her individual style of fashion photography: Meet photographer, Jodie Cooper

Jodie Cooper is a recently graduated photographer from Norwich University of the Arts and has worked hard over the last few years to establish her individual style of fashion photography.

Becoming more and more drawn towards vintage style fashion, Jodie has focused on the elegant yet exaggerated outfits most commonly associated with the 60s, such as floral trouser suits, oversized over coats and chunky shoes.

Shooting her images with a smooth, high contrasted black and white style, whilst focusing on the tiny details that make a person imperfectly perfect. She has worked with a variety of models ranging from high end faces from the likes of Sandra Reynolds to old friends and family members.

Shooting with makeup artists and professional lighting as well as capturing the simple, candid moments in life. This has attracted the likes of the Cambridge Satchel Company and Aesthetica Magazine as well as exhibiting venues such as The Free Range in London.

Jodie Cooper’s main focus for the next step in her photographic career is to get her foot well into the competitive world of the fashion industry and would love to work for high end brands such as Dr Martens and Monki.

Her work over the last 6 years has developed drastically and her time studying a commercial photography course has enabled her to really pin point her creative direction.

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