Pop Culture – Street Art Inspired Painters: Meet collaborative spray paint stencil artists JaM

Fall of Evil Knievel

Arts by JaM was created by Joshua Soares and Megan “Meggo” Greeley, a couple living in Kitchener, Canada. Neither individual is a full time artist, rather when not working at their day jobs, Josh and Meggo are creating new pieces to share with others out of passion. Their love of the arts world translates over to supporting other independent artists. The works they’ve collected from local artists both in their hometown and abroad is due to the uniqueness of the “one-off” pieces; which is also a motivating factor behind the creation of their paintings – each one is unique in its own way.

By Al Gord

Josh spray painted as a teenager and Megan randomly drew in her younger years. When they moved in together they revisited making art and creating their own pieces. They collaborated on a large scale piece, the Fall of Evil Knievel, which gained attention. After the purchase of the painting and the confidence that the sale instilled, JaM began to showcase their work publicly.

All of their art is created by spray painting and stenciling. The complexity of the art ranges from simple two-layer pieces to more complex seven-layer paintings. While they create a number of pieces based on the stencils, each piece is unique and handmade, with slight changes and individual touches added in to create work that is personally meaningful to the buyer.

Art is something Josh and Meggo enjoy. The fun they have creating the pieces translates over to their work. Their work is vibrant, loud, colourful and in some cases, comedic. Whether creating their own pieces or collaborating together they are inspired by the people whom they admire. Whether it is street artists and musicians, martial artists, movie and pop icons, or cartoon and anime characters their interests are represented in each of their paintings.

To see more of JaM’s unique work you can follow them on their website and social media pages: Instagram and Reddit or connect with them directly via email contact@artsbyjam.com

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