Premiere: We are all in this together, we don’t have to suffer alone: ‘Shelter’ is the latest release from UK singer-songwriter Nia Ekanem

Coming from a place where we’re broken and beaten by life and just looking for hope and comfort, singer-songwriter Nia Ekanem captured the essence of this single from his own vulnerability in life. Just searching for the light at the end of the tunnel. The pre-chorus “I know just how you feel, I’ve been beaten and broken, and I couldn’t take no more” poignantly encapsulates the notion that we really get caught up in the problems of the world, but realizing that we are not alone and everyone is going through the same thing, making our day-to-day struggle just a little bit easier. Nia’s single has the simple notion and reminder that we are all in this together and that we don’t have to suffer alone, where every one of us has someone we can call as our SHELTER.

Hailing from Birmingham, singer-songwriter Nia Ekanem has been making waves. Having premiered on top UK Radio Stations from Apple’s own Beats Radio with Julia Adenuga, BBC Radio London with Claira Hermet and Capital XTRA with Leah Davis to name a few. Nia’s music is a fusion of rich acoustics with pop / soul sensibilities, topped with a commanding vocal performance that sets him apart from the rest.

‘Shelter’ is available now via all major platforms.

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