A blissfully soulful track: ‘Free’ ft. Lilly Nichole is the latest release from social influencer and hip hop artist Jus Nice

A blissfully soulful track, ‘Free’ is the latest single to come from social influencer and hip hop artist Jus Nice. Featuring the lush vocals of Lilly Nichole, this single honours the journey Jus Nice and his wife have been on.

An icon, influencer and hip hop artist from South Jersey, Jus Nice combines his love of music and shoes in his brand. Since releasing his debut album ‘Finally’ in 2020, Jus Nice has built up his fan base nationally, with his lead single hitting 45,000 streams in its first week. Jus Nice also organises sneaker conventions in different cities across the USA, building up his brand and reputation on a national level. Currently collaborating with Digital Storm and Hidden Talent Records, Jus Nice is ready to make his brand international and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

‘Free’ is available now via all major platforms.

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