Exploring themes of toxicity and lost love: ‘Ser Feliz’ is the latest release from Spanish artist MF Ralf

Spanish artist MF Ralf releases brand new single ‘Ser Feliz.’ Described as a personal track, Ralf explores themes of toxicity and lost love within a relationship, channeling Reggaeton infused tones with his Spanish heritage. Influenced by old and new school Hip-hop alike, MF Ralf exercises his Spanish culture through his music, singing entirely in the rich language.

“I see that being a musician is who I really am.”

From starting his passion for music in middle school, MF Ralf transformed himself into a world class artist with the intention of becoming successful and having his music heard. Having previously collaborated with legendary West Coast rapper Too $short, Ralfdescribes this as one of his highlights of his life. But the rapper’s life was essentially let go as Ralf longed for a normal life. Making his comeback, he is less naive and more experienced, and ready to make a name for himself once again.

‘Ser Feliz’ is available now via all major platforms.

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