Purple nature, royalty lifestyle: Introducing emerging UK clothing brand, VFOUR

Why the name VFOUR?

I have always thought of what I would like my brand name to be as a creative. I didn’t just want to use my name because I thought it would just sound boring, so I decided to use my lucky numbers to describe myself 1, 4 and 5. When you look at the brand logo you will see the five and the four but not the one because it is in the form of a crown showing its significance as royalty, the head.

VFOUR is more than just a brand name or numbers in a brand name, VFOUR signifies purple nature, royalty lifestyle.

Who is the creator behind the brand VFOUR?

My name is Romiluyi Abiodun and I am the main creative and the creator of the brand, but I had some help from my brothers.

How long has the brand been established?

The brand has been established since January 2017 but only launched recently online with minimal products in December 2017.

How has the brand developed since you’ve launched it?

The public awareness of the brand has really picked up. We have learnt more about our customers and we are still learning and developing as a clothing brand.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Our inspiration comes from life surrounding us. These inspirations can be music, art, nature, sports, films etc.

How do you stay up to date with the latest fashion trends?

We stay up to date with fashion trends by attending fashion shows, pop ups and connecting with fashion bloggers so we can get to know their side of things when it comes to fashion. We also connect with artists that are fashion inspired, adding our twist of purple nature to it.

How has social media and networking impacted upon the way in which you work, brand and promote yourself today?

Social media has played a big part in terms of marketing and networking for us. Instagram has helped with brand recognition and reaching a wider audience/customer base. It has also allowed us to network with some major producers, artists and actors in the industry.

Do you have any grand plans for your brand in the future?

We plan to do a more formal launch for the brand sometime this year, but the date is yet to be chosen. Apart from that we are always working on perfecting the brand as an elegant mid-range clothing brand.

Any last words?

Thank you Niji Magazine for featuring VFOUR Clothing we really appreciated it. To stay up to date with us follow our social media pages:



And subscribe to the website vfourclothing.com.

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