A passion for graphic design and illustrative art styles: Meet UK artist, DelsTheArtist

Introducing 18-year-old graphic designer and illustrator Delroy Bukenya, also known as Delstheartist. Delroy is a UK based artist with a massive passion for graphic design and illustrative art styles.

Delroy’s Journey began when he used his Instagram page to post freestyle art and express his talent. A few weeks later he received a request for a commission. This was his very first client and despite the lack of experience, this was just the beginning. Delroy previously studied A Level Graphic Design, ICT, Computing and Fine Art. Unfortunately he didn’t do so well in those A Levels at the end, but with the help and support of his independent mother he stood tall and went to study Graphic Design at North Kent College, Dartford.

Delroy now receives requests from all over the world and is currently studying graphics basics, illustrative styles such as anime art and learning how to animate.

“From my past experiences, I’ve learnt that if you really want something in life, business or relationship-wise, you have to take some risks.” – Delroy Bukenya

In years’ time, Delroy strives to have a successful graphics organisation, working with companies from across the world. The young designer also stated “I’m not just creating commissions to earn money or to live the best lifestyle for myself. It’s to have positive impacts on all my clients, and most importantly to put a smile on my mother’s face and free her from the 9-5 system for good.”

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