Meet Charlotte Potter, a UK based Graphic Designer and Animator with a passion for anything artistic

Charlotte Potter is a UK based Graphic Designer and Animator with a passion for anything artistic. Charlotte started digital design when she was 12 years-old, not thinking it would lead into inspiring her future career.

Her foray into Animation started a little later, ‘I went for work experience at Electric Theatre Collective, and was inspired by what I saw their top designers producing.’ explains Charlotte.

When asked about how she got started Charlotte expands further, ‘I started my online Instagram portfolio at the end of 2017 as a place to store any art and show off what I could do, not thinking that people would recognise or enjoy it. A few months later I had my first client, Lash Appeal, ask for a logo design. This pushed me to do more and ever since I have tried to push myself more and more by opening my own Shop and selling different items, from t-shirts and jumpers, to pillows and mugs.’

Having this experience with different clients has boosted her confidence when talking to clients, drawing and within my day to day life. Although in her opinion she  is not the biggest or the greatest yet, Charlotte along with her parents, are proud of how far she have come skills wise, and her intention is aspire to keep making them proud and keep moving forward.

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