Inspired by the natural world and music: Meet self-taught visual artist, Catherine Sweet


Catherine Sweet, 28, is a self-taught visual artist, who finds her inspiration in the natural world and in music. Working with oils, acrylics and found materials, Catherine favours bold colour combinations and creates small scale, affordable pieces on canvas featuring plenty of texture. Her studio is in her home in South West London, where she lives with her husband and two cats.

Mariposa (Close up)

Catherine’s process has been adapted in recent years due to deteriorating motor function, caused by hypermobility syndrome. Difficulty gripping paintbrushes has led to increased experimentation, including with palette knives, stencils and spray paints. The majority of Catherine’s work is abstract, and recent pieces have incorporated wire, stitching and ceramic tile.

Catherine says: “I’ve always had an interest in creating and trying new things, whether it’s making my own jewellery or knitting. Making art is essential to me, it helps xanax online usa keep me in harmony with the world around me.”

Rainy Day in London

Catherine began entering her work into open exhibitions in 2011, and now has pieces in collections in London, Cornwall and Spain. She has previously been shortlisted for the National Open Art Competition and the Visual Open Art Competition. She has also participated in #TwitterArtExhibit, an annual international exhibition of postcard art supporting charity, three times.

Catherine joined ArtCan, a non-profit arts organisation that supports artists through profile raising activities and exhibitions, in 2017. She has exhibited with them four times, including taking part in a year-long ArtCan residency at 44 Hallam Street, London, with Cavendish venues.

The Dying of The Light

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