Graphic designer, fine artist and illustrator: Meet UK based artist, Sasha Lord

Meet UK based 19-year-old graphic designer, fine artist and illustrator Sasha Lord, also known as @Sashaxlord.  In 2017, three of his self portraits, from his series titled ‘Stereotypes’ were featured at ‘The Mall Gallery’ in Trafalgar Square and awarded a ‘National Students Exhibition Certificate’.

Sasha’s journey begun when he drew fun cartoons of his friends in pen and pencil and started posting them on Snapchat. A few weeks later he opened his art account on Instagram where he begun to post his portraits and expressed his talents furthermore. After a few weeks of his account being up and running it blew up reaching over 1,000 followers in the first 2 weeks with over 200 requests for designs.

“There are four artists: There is the artist you think you are, the artist you wish you were, the artist you want others to think you are, and the artist that you are. If you spend too much time thinking about all of this, you may never find out who the last one is.” – Sasha Lord

Sasha now receives requests from all over the world and is currently studying for a degree at University in Graphic design. Clients such as: Youtuber’s, artists (singers) and clothing businesses have commissioned album covers, tattoo designs, paintings, clothing designs, logos, posters and digital portraits that he consistently posts.

“I didn’t start my passion with the thought of making money, I enjoy creating and having a positive impact on all my clients and seeing the reactions of people I show. Most importantly, to know I have become an inspiration to other artists around the world.”

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