Inspired by colours, patterns and the constant flow of ideas on social media: Meet UK-based illustrator, Jordan Prileszky

Currently based in South Wales, Jordan Prileszky is a creator/illustrator who focuses on the area of Fashion illustration. He recently attended Carmarthen’s School of Art where he graduated with a degree in Fashion design and construction. Since leaving further education Jordan has just been concentrating on growing and developing his work. After seeing some of his work on Instagram we had no choice but to approach him for an interview to find out more about his inspirations, creative process and journey to date.

When and why did you start drawing?

I have always drawn but only started to take it seriously and treat it as a craft over the past few years during and following my degree. I come from an artistic family so have always been surrounded by creators while growing up so creation has always been a part of my life.

How did you find your style? Has it changed since you’ve first started?

Just through practice really, my work has seen a dramatic change over the past year simply through trail and error and just finding what works best for me.

What influences you the most?

Everything and anything honestly. Colours and patterns have always inspired me to create and I have become more aware to their constant existence in the world around us through everyday life. As well as my surroundings there is the obvious inspiration from social media which is a constant flow of ideas.

Does social media influence your work in anyway?

Social media plays a huge part in what I do as an illustrator. With the majority of my work being fashion illustrations, I choose to focus that more towards the Streetwear side of the industry. Instagram is a fantastic tool for sourcing inspiration and reference images.

How do you overcome a creative block?

I have found the best method that works for me is to just try something new. I did this recently actually as my work had felt a little repetitive to me so instead of creating these heavily detailed fashion pieces, I changed to a completely minimal, digital style for a space of time. I find just giving things a refresh every once in a while keeps thing fresh for both you and your audience.

How do you know when a piece is ‘finished’?

This is a hard one for me as I don’t fully believe that anything is ever finished. I believe things have many possible endings depending on how long we choose to spend on them. I can easily decide something is finished but I will always be able to point out things I should or could have done better.

If not already, are you hoping to gain a career out of your talent?

Yes, but I am in no rush to do so. I’ve felt very content lately with simply practicing and working on my work when I can. At the moment my work is simply for enjoyment and growth, that’s something i’d like to keep for the time being.

Other than fashion-type illustrations do you enjoy drawing anything else?

As I mentioned I have recently gotten into a really minimal style of vector based artwork. I think I really enjoying how totally different it is to my signature work so its very refreshing to work on.

What type of design work do you enjoy the most, print or digital? 

Digital all the way. I picked up a love of digital art while in university and have never looked back from it. I have just found that thats what works best for me and my art style. I’m a very messy sketcher at heart so honestly the ability to simply undo my mistakes is helpful.

What design software do you use?

Currently all of my work is created on Procreate using the iPad pro and Apple pencil. I picked these up a few months ago and the improvements in my work ever since is truly amazing. Would highly recommend them to anyone looking at digital design.

Where would you like to be in 5 years time?

Honestly I have no idea, as long as I am still creating and still seeing development in my work then I will be happy. I am however hoping to start selling work soon though and I would definitely like to have more time for commissioned works.

Any last words?

I would just like to say thank you for your time and thank you for showing an interest in my work. For anyone wanting to keep up with me and what I do, check me on Instagram or head over to for my full portfolio.

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