Introducing Nigerian based R&B soul singer-songwriter Bibicentric and her sensual, laid back debut EP ‘Monophobia’

‘Monophobia’ is the debut EP to come from nigerian singer-songwriter Bibicentric. Rich with R&B vocals and cool jazz references, ‘Monophobia’ is sensual and laid back with Bibicentric’s smooth vocals taking centre stage. Inspired by deep emotions and true stories from the past few years, ‘Monophobia’ takes on love, both good and bad, and family. Working with bassist Godwinscat and producer General, with features from Obasax and Happy Quartet, the debut EP from Bibicentric is a deeply personal introduction to the R&B singer.

Bibicentric is a Nigerian based R&B soul singer songwriter. Beginning her involvement in music at the age of 15 at a music institution, she kicked off her professional career at the age of 18, releasing her debut single ‘Magic’ earlier this year which has already passed 87,000 streams on Spotify. Wanting her music to touch the heart of the world, Bibicentric is ready to take the world by storm with her upcoming releases.

‘Monophobia’ is available now via all major platforms.

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