Beat-Herder Festival announces its return for 2024 with a sublime Thursday line-up

The beloved and bonkers Beat-Herder announces its return for 2024 with a sublime Thursday line-up. The Lancashire festival takes place from Thursday 18th, to Sunday 21st of July set against the idyllic backdrop of the picturesque Ribble Valley.

Now in its seventeenth year, Beat-Herder’s reputation continues to precede it as a haven of hedonistic joy. The legendary gathering known for its vibrant energy, diverse musical lineup, and commitment to its free party roots boasts 20+ jaw-dropping stages, world-class DJs, live acts, comedians, and surprises aplenty. Continuing its four-day foray, Beat-Herder will throw open its doors on Thursday, 18th July, to those lucky enough to hold limited 4-day tickets, with a line-up of dance music icons, emerging talent and party starters.

Photo by Giles Smith

DJ and producer Denis Sulta has risen to prominence with his unique blend of house, techno, and disco influences. Known for his dynamic performances and ability to seamlessly mix various genres, he’ll be an electrifying presence in the magical Toil Trees this July. Joining him is the Scottish dance duo behind the 2022 hit and BRIT-nominated track Afraid to Feel, LF System, and Radio 1’s Future Dance DJ, Sarah Story, who’ll be spinning some of the best emerging, new-wave talents. They’re joined by house music legends K-Klass, and dynamic Leeds DJ duo PBR Streetgang.

Over at Trash Manor, expect an eclectic, eccentric courtyard of chaos, where you’ll find jungle and DnB favourite SHY FX, featuring Rage, who always stirs up excitement whenever his name appears on a lineup. Showcasing their immersive brand of 1994-flavoured jungle, 4AM Kru also join, alongside a driving force behind the North’s underground music culture, Mark XTC. Over at the quirky Smoky Tentacles stage in the Stone Circle field, you’ll find one of the most skilled and versatile MCs in the country Sparkz, whose live show is packed full of clever lyrics and monster flows on top of big energetic vibes.

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Characterful venues, such as Hotel California, The Garage, The Parish Church, and Julie’s Barn, will also be up and rocking for Thursday’s festivities, with the full weekend lineup still to come.

Beyond the music, the festival is renowned for its magical, vibrant landscape. From larger-than-life sculptures to interactive installations, Beat-Herder transforms its grounds into a playground of creativity and expression. Attendees are invited to immerse themselves in a kaleidoscope of colours, textures, and ideas, where every corner holds a new discovery waiting to unfold. This attention to detail creates a world full of beguiling and intriguing concepts, winning ‘Unique Festival Arena’ at the 2019 AIF Festival Awards and the ‘Extra Festival Award’ at the UK Festival Awards for ‘attention to detail & creating unforgettable festival experiences’. Unsurprisingly, The Guardian also named it one of the Best Festivals for its Lively Atmosphere.

Ultimately, at the heart of Beat-Herder are six school pals who forged this incredible party in the fires of the 90’s free rave scene and who remain committed to keeping it fiercely independent. It’s a gathering of kindred spirits united by a shared love for music. Here, strangers become friends, and the bonds forged amidst the festival’s infectious energy last a lifetime.

Three-day tier 3 tickets are available from £182.32 inc booking fee. Four-day tier 3 tickets are available now from £235.32 inc booking fee via

Tickets can also be purchased via payment plans. Glamping options are also available.

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