Tokyo’s experimental hip-hop artist Dannie Ramsden teams up with Baski+ to release dynamic new single ‘Racing’

Hailing from the vibrant city of Kyoto, Japan, the prodigious 24-year-old artist and producer, Dannie Ramsden, is set to unveil his latest musical masterpiece, “Racing” in collaboration with Baski+. Scheduled to hit the airwaves on February 23rd, 2024, courtesy of the esteemed PWR IN NUMBERS label, this track promises an electrifying fusion of rap intricacies and mesmerizing rhythms. The chosen release date holds profound significance, coinciding with Japan’s Emperor’s Birthday, a national celebration marked with grandeur and jubilation. This auspicious timing not only amplifies Ramsden’s global appeal but also underscores his skill in seamlessly infusing cultural nuances into his musical narrative.

Dannie Ramsden

Infused with allure, assurance, and authority, the sharp, buoyant production of “Racing” encapsulates a reimagined essence of UK hip-hop. The interplay between lush melodies and resounding 808s establishes a harmonious equilibrium, underscored by subtle R&B undertones. Ramsden’s sonic domain, a testament to his blend of individuality and accessibility, straddles the threshold between nostalgia and innovation, drawing inspiration from luminaries such as Pierre Bourne, El Londo, Ayrtn, and Earl On The Beat.

Joined by the enigmatic East-London rapper Baksi+, “Racing” takes on a new dimension of depth and diversity. Baksi+’s eclectic sound, rooted in personal experiences and aspirations, adds a layer of authenticity to the track, further enriching its narrative. Together, Ramsden and Baksi+ form a formidable duo, their collaborative efforts elevating “Racing Inbox” to new heights of sonic excellence.


Dannie Ramsden’s upbringing in a multicultural household, with a British father and Japanese mother, immersed him in a diverse musical landscape from a young age. Influenced by the vibrant DJ events and gigs in Kobe and Osaka, his passion for music was ignited early on. Transitioning from experimenting with software like GarageBand to refining his beat-making skills in Logic, Ramsden found his breakthrough producing the track “Mine” for Gqsh10 (now Gqsh Has Friends), which marked his entry into the world of rap music.

Driven by aspirations to refine his artistry, expand his audience, and achieve new milestones in his musical career, music remains his primary focus. However, he also nurtures a fervent passion for football, particularly supporting Manchester United, and enjoys leisure pursuits such as unwinding in saunas with friends. With the release of his latest single, “Racing,” with Baski+, these two artists are poised to leave an indelible mark on the landscape of contemporary hip-hop music, ushering in a new era of innovation and creative synergy.

Racing is available now via all major platforms.

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