Constant flow and energy creating a different journey for every participant: Meet Russ Saunders


My influences are diverse. I love all forms of expressionism through art. I have learned that life is a constant changing force and I try to illustrate that through my art. It’s one of the reasons that abstract is my favorite art form. I have always been fascinated by the ephemeral nature of the moment.

“Life itself is a wonderful piece of abstract art, its beauty and message are different for each viewer. Dependent on what lens is chosen, it can change each time it is viewed. That is the beauty of life, art, and creativity. Constant flow and energy creating a different journey for every participant.”


In abstract art and life, you can look for hidden meaning and deep thought-provoking messages, or simply bask in the color and movement. The choice is always there for the viewer to make. I absolutely love that about art! When I paint, as cliché as it sounds, I let the piece decide what it will become.

Gone but not forgotten

At times I may have a definite vision of what I want to paint but I am never afraid to change course if the piece is disagreeable.

I love it when I hear people discussing one of my works and happily describing what they see. To me that is what art is all about. Each person may see something different, or they may see the same thing. Isn’t that what life (and art) is all about? The diversity, the discovery, and the joy!

I shoulda been a Plumber

Although I currently have pieces displayed in government buildings in the Fox Valley region of Wisconsin, much of my work is purchased by private collectors.

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