Taking us on a journey to different worlds far from reality: Meet Nando Art

Growing up, Nando Art has always been an adventurous thinker. He has drifted off to worlds far from reality, it was always his escape.

“I’ve been drawing from an early age, inspired by fantasy/sci-fi books and movies (Blade Runner being one of my all time favourites). Other than Art, I’m currently working on a passion project of mine, an epic sci-fi novel influenced by Jodorowsky and Alan Moore, a love letter to Blade Runner.”

His artwork is a portrayal of late night thoughts and dreams of another life, a new beginning for a different ending.

“I want people to be transported to another world when they see my art. I want people to get lost and escape into the detail and emotion of what is in front of them. After all, there’s nothing wrong with a little escapism.”

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