Taken from her forthcoming debut EP, ‘Flight Risk’ is the latest release from Indie-pop artist Francesca Everly

Indie-pop artist Francesca Everly, is unveiling her new single ‘Flight Risk’: An empathic and vulnerable introspective discussing love and the risks required to grow.

London-based artist Francesca Everly has been making waves across venues in North-West and South London since she commenced her studies there in 2018.

Her previous release, ‘Pathetic,’ has garnered over 38,000 streams on Spotify and found its way onto various tastemakers’ playlists and blogs. Critics and fans alike have praised the Rome-born singer for her poignant lyrics and meticulous production style.

Francesca’s recent releases have seen her collaborating with multi-instrumentalist and producer Georgia Winter, known for her work with Suki Waterhouse and Hannah Grae. This partnership has further elevated Francesca’s artistry, as she invites listeners to delve into her innermost thoughts and emotions. Through an upbeat pop production, she navigates themes of lost love, emotional exhaustion, and the internal struggles of her fight-or-flight instincts.

‘Flight Risk’ marks the dawn of a new era for Francesca Everly, serving as the inaugural release from her forthcoming debut EP. Inspired by the bold voices and sounds of the contemporary female indie-pop scene, the track encapsulates Francesca’s introspective journey.

In ‘Flight Risk,’ Francesca delves into her past, conveying a sense of unreadiness to confront the world. She reflects on the sacrifices necessary for personal growth, from early mornings to late-night introspections and therapy sessions. The song envelops listeners in its soft, earthy tones, offering solace while addressing the complexities of mental health.

With dreamy pop melodies and indie-infused drums, Francesca provides a comforting embrace for her audience, inviting them into her world of introspection and self-discovery.

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