Transporting you back to the 90s with a fresh twist: Introducing Hazl and T-Millzy and their latest energetic release ‘Plus 1’

Hazl and T-Millzy are transporting you back to the 90s with a fresh twist. Pioneering a new wave of UK R&B Rap, their latest single ‘Plus 1’ brings about a nostalgic revival of classic sounds. This co-produced track features a captivating club bounce, Hazl’s smooth, wavy flows, and T’s cheeky wordplay, delivering the ultimate summer vibes. Picture it: golden hour, a drink in hand, and you’re buzzing with excitement for the night ahead.

Before dropping their debut hit, ‘Mad 1’ (which garnered over 40k streams), the dynamic duo discovered their potential in an unexpected moment. T-Millzy randomly airdropped an early version of the instrumental to Hazl during a university lecture. The silent auditorium was soon filled with the sounds of Hazl’s excitement as he experienced a moment of pure euphoria through his noise-cancelling Beats headphones. The question lingered: Who was this T-Millzy, and where did he come from?

Hailing from Southampton, T-Millzy’s background as a grime MC and influences from icons like 50 Cent, Skepta, and AJ Tracey, blended seamlessly with Hazl’s 90s and 00s R&B roots. The West London rapper developed a distinctive style of melodic rap, drawing inspiration from his idols, including Bryson Tiller, Chris Brown, and Summer Walker. Their partnership was indeed a match made in musical heaven.

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The fusion of their unique styles allows Hazl and T-Millzy to create a fresh and innovative sound that’s shaking up the UK music scene. With ‘Plus 1’ set to drop, these rising stars are poised to make a significant impact. This track is just the beginning, as it marks the first of four singles in their ambitious summer campaign.

Hazl and T-Millzy’s journey from university lecture halls to the forefront of the UK R&B Rap scene is a testament to their talent, creativity, and chemistry. Their music not only revives the golden era of the 90s but also pushes the boundaries of contemporary sounds. As they continue to release more music, there’s no doubt that these up-and-coming rappers are set to take over, bringing a refreshing new flavour to the music industry.

‘Plus 1’ is available now via all media platforms.

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