Meet up-and-coming abstract painter, Sarah Strachan

“The Struggle” This represents the struggle I have between creativity and depression. 7” x 7”

Sarah Strachan is an up and coming abstract painter in Morecambe, England. She states that she always had a creative streak but it is only since becoming a mum that she has had the time to explore her creativity. According to Sarah, Abstract seems to be her vocation, and her artwork very much reflects her personality, which is “emotional, bold, and vibrant yet delicate.” Here we talk about inspiration, motherhood and more:

By Lisa K Salerno

What inspires you as an artist?

I am inspired by everything and anything, a thought, a feeling, nature, the world around me. I recently went to the Zoo and have been inspired by the patterns on the animals I saw, I’m currently translating my thoughts into new work.

Why abstract? How does abstract painting appeal to you?

Abstract suits my personality, I suffer from depression and it is something that I have to manage every day. Consequently, my mood and outlooks can change from one day to the next. Abstract allows me to express how I feel as well as what has inspired me, I find it therapeutic and very satisfying. I can draw and copy other styles but I love the expression and texture of abstract for me there are no rules I feel very free.

“Abstract Marble” This piece is a large scale fluid acrylic pour with mesmerising intricacy and patterns. 24” x 19”

You have mentioned that you always had a creative streak, however since “becoming a mum” you finally have decided to explore your creativity. How has motherhood changed how you express yourself?

It has made me realise that life is too short to be unhappy and for me the biggest source of stress was working 9-5 in the corporate world. I don’t like the impact other people can have on your outlook and stress in an office environment can spread like a cold and before you know it one person’s bad day can change yours. I felt caged and fake like I couldn’t be myself because if what was expected of me and all the rules! Becoming a mum gave me a new-found confidence to embrace who I am, why should I be unhappy? Why should I look a certain way? I love my little boy. He is so fearless and curious, nothing stands in his way so I took a leaf out of his book and resigned my position in order to be a full-time mum and artist…scary but liberating!

How old is your child/children and what is your key to finding balance between art and family?

My boy is 9 months old and balance is not easy! My husband is self-employed and works his own schedule which allows me to take time out to do my art. I’m also very lucky as my boy sleeps 12hrs on average at the moment so I am free from around 7pm so I get working! It’s not easy but it is so much better than 9-5 I am my own boss and I love it!

“Corrosion“ This was inspired by weathered flaking blue paint. 24” x 19”

What direction do you think your work is headed?

At the moment, the sky is the limit. I know that it is hard to become a world-renowned artist so I’m starting small! I don’t want to take over the world, just decorate it! I am working towards getting my work into UK galleries with a view to possibly exhibiting in America but it’s one step at a time!

Anything else you’d like to share?

Anything in life worth having takes dedication and perseverance, although I have my own unique set of challenges I know that even if nobody buys a single painting, I have created a thing of beauty. I will keep trying and hope that somebody else will appreciate my work. I can brighten just one person’s world with my creation then I am happy.

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