Inspired by the little things in life: Meet UK based aspiring tattoo artist, Scarlett

UK based Scarlett is a 22-year-old aspiring tattoo artist currently in training, she has had a passion for art since a young girl and spends a lot of her time building her portfolio, she uses this time to express herself in a relaxing setting. Scarlett is often inspired by the little things in life, whether it’s the different facial structures she passes when travelling or a certain shade of colour whilst walking down the street, she will take notes of whatever catches her eye to create through her art work next.

Scarlett is happiest when working with colour as she can achieve contrast through the pressure used as well as the different shades, and being able to blend these to double the impact. She incorporates details and depth to try and bring the drawing to life as if it was coming buy lasix drug online through the page, her main goal through most of her work is to make it seem as if it was really a photograph rather than a drawing.

She’s most passionate about drawing portraits of people with distinct and unique features to try and capture the realism, whilst still adding her own style by emphasizing these characteristics.

She likes to challenge herself by using all types of media within her portfolio. She makes tattoo designs, using ink pens to build a different range of mark makings in order to form shadows and light through a spectrum of contrast. What Scarlett loves the most about art is being able to change it up every day depending on her mood at the time and project it on to paper.

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