Sharing Emotions of the Pandemic: Meet Visual Artist Hannah Lingard

Lockdown 1, Acrylic on wooden board, 14.5x21cm

Hannah Lingard’s love for art first took her to the University of Edinburgh to study the History of Art. She has since focussed on expanding her own practical work, inspired by the artists Hannah studied. After completing a painting course at the Leith School of Art, she is now pursuing a career in painting by building on her current body of work.

Like many artists, the pandemic has influenced Hannah’s work greatly. Her new series, entitled “Lockdown” was derived from the current situation in the world. Through creating this series of portraits, Hannah wanted to capture the range of emotions that her household, as well as Hannah experienced during the Covid-19 pandemic. From feelings like contentment to contrasting emotions such as anxiety and impatience, Hannah created portraitures to portray the wide range of moods felt during this time.

Hannah found that the general feeling of being unsettled led her to use much thicker paint than she normally would. The added texture of the paint, for Hannah, heightens the emotions depicted. Her hope is that viewers of this series may be able to connect with some of the emotions represented and know that they are not alone during this challenging time.

Her practice is motivated by the desire to capture the emotions that unite individuals as human beings. Feelings which cross borders and do not need to be translated to be understood. Hannah’s work explores themes of hope, suffering and stillness – experiences all people share.

Hannah’s choice of colour palette stems from her background in Art History, in particular her research into the Scottish Colourists. She finds herself drawn to bold colours which aim to entice the viewer and help create a contemplative atmosphere.

Hannah’s entire gallery can be viewed on her website and Instagram page.

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