Capturing the beauty and pain of love: Introducing Alternative R&B artist chuXchu and his sultry debut EP ‘Luv Struck’

chuXchu shows off his range with grooves and heart on new EP, ‘Luv Struck’. The popularity of music from Africa has been on a steady incline in the global music scene. For chuXchu, an American-based Nigerian singer who used to go by the moniker Chu-Chu, African music’s global recognition encourages him to marry his American slant of R&B melodies with his ingenious influences to create Afropop songs that can serve dancefloors around the world. Last year, he made his impact felt in the Nigerian music scene with the release of singles like “Electra” and “Falling For You”, which paired him with other Nigerian rising stars, WANI and Buju respectively.

chuXchu is finally sharing his debut project, ‘Luv Struck’ after earning rave reviews from trusted media publications like OkayAfrica, NATIVE Mag and more in 2020. The five-track tape captures the beauty and pain of love as chuXchu harnesses the contrasting romantic feelings to deliver intimate and relatable lyrics addressed to his love interests. Although each track has a different vibe anchored by chuXchu’s self-produced dance music palette, it highlights his sonic range while his hearty lyrics and catchy melodies serve as the thread that keeps the EP in perfect pitch and harmony.

Previous collaborator, Ayo Jay is the only guest feature on ‘Luv Struck’ and chuXchu explained why in his statement below.

“I was/still am the biggest Ayo Jay fan and I always laugh when I think about the fact that I went from being a fan, to a collaborator, and now a friend. He gave me my first shot and encouraged me to pursue this music thing, so it’s only right to have him be part of this important step in my life.

A lot of people appreciate the music, but don’t really know who chuXchu is. My goal is to change that narrative and get people to see the range and versatility in my music. I wanted to use it (‘Luv Struck’) as an opportunity to connect with my emotions and be more expressive about my feelings – something I wouldn’t necessarily talk about on a regular day lol. I’ve always wanted to make music with dope artists I listen to at a particular time, hence the features with Ayo Jay, Wani, Buju, Elhi (Shoutout to my brothers), but I feel like a lot of my core listeners haven’t really heard a lot from me alone.

Going back to my earlier point, I really want to show my range and I feel like there’s no better time to do that. I’m super excited about the project and I know it’s going to bring so many opportunities. It feels like I’m starting from scratch – new name, new sound; beginning of a new era for chuXchu.”

‘Luv Struck’ is available now via all major platforms.

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