A compelling and dreamy alt-pop track: ‘Our House Is On Fire’ is the latest release from rising artist MOLTENO

Rising artist MOLTENO unveils her new single ‘Our House Is On Fire’, presenting a compelling and dreamy alt-pop track. Alongside shimmering synths, reverberating beats and moody guitar riffs, MOLTENO’s celestial voice lends itself to beautiful harmonies. Through the deeply emotive lyricism and melancholy instrumentation, the song provides an almost haunting sonic atmosphere, which leaves you wanting more of MOLTENO’s original sound.

MOLTENO says of her new release: “I started writing ‘Our house is on fire’ in the first UK lockdown. I was lucky enough to stay in the middle of nowhere near where I grew up in Stroud and there was a quietness and a sense of eeriness and social isolation that seeped into the studio at the time. I wanted to explore the way homes can feel inescapable in periods of change like relationship breakdowns or family dysfunction, like the house is slowly burning. When home doesn’t feel like home anymore.”

She adds: “Seeing no planes in the sky and hearing almost total silence for the first time in years or maybe ever, made me reflect on what we’re doing to our planet and contemplate another way that isn’t setting it alight.”

MOLTENO is all about the elements, the moon and the stars. Her dreamy soundscapes start to take shape in her bedroom studio and are built up with collaborators to blend real with surreal. An accomplished vocalist, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist, she has been praised as the ‘love child of Bjork and Bat For Lashes’, attracting support from the likes of BBC Introducing, Spotify Editorial teams, Get Some Magazine, DUMMY and Audiotox.

Often described as a convergence of dream pop, alt R&B feels and trip hop beats, MOLTENO’s upcoming releases are a sonic and visual journey through outer space and across the Earth. Given that MOLTENO is an immersive project, she collaborates with fashion labels such as Longshaw Ward and Eirrinn Hayhow, for photoshoots and stage outfits – allowing her now signature colour palette and style to remain individual, with touches of the futuristic.

MOLTENO has taken her atmospheric live performances to Camp Bestival, Fractalight Festival Of Light, Camden Assembly, The Finsbury and The Victoria to name a few, alongside radio performances with Shoreditch FM and Soho Radio.

‘Our House Is On Fire’ is available now via all major platforms.

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Photo credit: Laura Viana and Simone Meissl

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