An intimate portrayal of motherhood: Taken from the EP of the same name, ‘Holy Waters’ is second visual from UK Alt-Soul artist Aruba Red

Holy Waters, a celebration of motherhood, love and transformation, premiered live on YouTube on Friday 23rd November with the full moon.

After taking some breathing space from sharing her musical offerings with the world, London based Alt-Soul artist Aruba Red has re-emerged with her cosmic EP Holy Waters, reaching number 7 in the iTunes top 10 RnB / Soul UK albums chart in the autumn of 2018. Her unique brand of spiritual pop documents the positive energy that has come to define her. The intoxicating first visual ‘Goddess Vibes’ has been followed up with an intimate portrayal of motherhood with the second visual from the EP, the title track ‘Holy Waters’ which premiered live on YouTube.

Within the folds of Holy Waters resides Aruba Red’s signature brand of edgy spiritual pop. Positive energy and mystical vibes have come to define her, and rightly so; Aruba Red delivers futuristic soul to leave you feeling uplifted. This latest offering coincided with the full moon, celebrating the sacred bond between mother and child.

Featuring a beautiful string arrangement from award-winning composer Nitin Sawhney and a soaring guitar solo transporting you to another dimension, Holy Waters is a musically rich, lyrically impressive celebration of love and transformation.

“This is the first song I wrote since I had stopped creating music due to a really difficult time for me personally. It means so much to me because it documents the spiritual transformation I felt being ignited through trauma, loss, pregnancy, birth, motherhood and shedding the toxic energy I had carried for so long.” – Aruba Red

The song focuses on moving up through the veils of consciousness motivated by love and the connection between mother and child. The video, documents the beautifully intimate moments shared between Aruba and her son in the gorgeous setting of the Majorcan countryside.

“I wanted to capture this incredibly special time between my baby and me. I’m so excited to finally share this. My little Ché was born at home in the water on Christmas Day under a full moon and my life was changed forever. It became my mission to heal myself so my son can be free.” – Aruba Red

‘Holy Waters’ EP is available now to stream / purchase via all major digital outlets.

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Credits: All photography by Alicia Campbell

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