Carrying on his father’s passion: Meet photographer and poet Rodolphe Sorres


By Al Gord

Rodolphe Sorres, is a 33 year old photographer, from Reunion Island, a French territory in the Indian Ocean, near Madagascar. This small island paradise with a population of just under a million people, is a beautiful location; with wonderful natural tourist attractions. It is here where Rodolphe, a self-taught photographer and poet honed his talents.

It was his father’s passion that introduced Rodolphe to the art world. As a child Rodolphe never got to access culture venues, due to financial reasons. However, his father always had a love for photography, something which fascinated Rodolphe. His dad’s passion as an amateur photographer was made even more significant in that it was Rodolphe’s way of experiencing the natural art of the island.

Rodolphe’s father passed away a few years ago. In honour of his father, Rodolphe took up photography; which led to him recently buying his first professional camera. His passion for photography would have made his father proud. While he has always liked the beauty of black and white photography, Rodolphe’s work is in colour, to allow others to see the natural scenery of the island in its true form. Most of his work is landscape photography, be it foggy forests, beautiful sunsets on the beaches and breathtaking views of the mountains. Each of these photos is more than just a photograph, each shot is also intended to connect with and describe human patterns of behaviour.

Through his art, Rodolphe convey stories through both the visual image and the written word. He hopes to bring poetry to the individuals who would not normally have access to poems and to those who normally do not read poetry. In his photographic poetry, he encourages the reader to question one’s own strength and weaknesses through the verse and the accompanying visual patterns in nature, as Rodolphe believes that there is wisdom to discover through the observation of nature.

Everything Fades With The Day

In his photo “Everything Fades With The Day” the accompanying poem reads:

Big thin golden lining
Clouds of angry past
Soon wisdom will bring
Words or love at last

This moment of pure sight
When fleeting vapors die
And light humble as air
Defines a new moon in night

All will be humbled
When sands of roaming pain
Can fade in time and space
Making fright a gentle calm

Rodolphe’s beautiful pictures that capture the stunning island of Reunion and his accompanying poetry can be found on his social media sites Instagram and Facebook.

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