How a paint night created an artist: Meet Impressionist Painter Jeremy Xavier Lefebvre


By Al Gord

Jeremy Xavier Lefebvre, aka PI$$A Boi, was born in Montreal, Canada. He grew up struggling to find his place in society and looking to find a way out of the challenges of coming from a lower income family and at one point being homeless. He studied Accounting and Business management thinking that would help to alter his socio-economic situation, but staring at a computer and working on finances all day did not really appeal to Jeremy.

Following his heart, he bought a camera and started shooting events such as weddings, as well as creating videos in the hopes of making movies. His passion took him to Vancouver, Canada, where he now lives and works in the film industry. But film making is not the only artistic focus Jeremy has. He is also an acrylic portrait painter, who focuses on an impressionistic style of painting.

Creating was always an important outlet for Jeremy. In school, he was always easily distracted. Merely holding a pencil in his hands would lead him to “other worlds” as he would create and lose focus on the subject at hand, be it French, math or science. But this escape let him feel free. Ironically, it was in art class where Jeremy felt most restricted. He did not know a lot of the foundational techniques being taught and never having visited a museum or having access to various works of art Jeremy felt that the mediums introduced and skills taught were not impactful.

About a year and a half ago a friend held a paint night in Jeremy’s living room. Both intrigued and fascinated with a new insight into painting, it was not long before Jeremy was setting benchmarks to reach, from learning a specific style, to creating a minimum number of paintings each month. While he still believes he has a lot to learn and his work is still evolving, Jeremy also feels enriched by this experience. Jeremy is heavily influenced by Impressionistic work. He loves seeing brush strokes and large amounts of paints on the canvas, but he also enjoys the more subtle look of techniques that create watercolour effects.

The First Thing I Remember Is Colour

Jeremy appreciates the work of other artists and their talents push him to constantly strive to set new goals and reach new limits. He enjoys visiting museums and galleries, and viewing documentaries or other artists’ sites, as he truly immerses himself in the world of art. He believes not only in bettering himself as an artist, but in making others feel better through his art.

Jeremey’s youthful energy and fun works can be seen through his website and his social media pages Instagram and Facebook.

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