What’s the motive? Good times!: ‘Lines of Symmetry’ is the 80s inspired debut release from Good Time Locomotive (GTL)

In times of increasing uncertainty, the ability to overcome adversity is needed now, more than ever! At no time in living memory did this seem more apparent than under the cloud of the pandemic in 2020/21, in which GTL was born.

Since then they have always aimed to write music and lyrics with an emotional punch and positive message to help people get back to having a good time in life!

The journey really started many moons ago way back in December 2003! That year, a 15 year old problem-child named George Taylor (GTL’s guitarist) turned up to a local gig for a drum n’ bass metal band called Shellshock.

George Taylor: Guitar

Little did he know that eight years later, a chance one-off gig between him and the drummer he saw that night, James Phillips, would sow the seeds of what was to become GTL a decade later.

Jamie P: Drums/BV’s

Fast-forward to 2020, and this collaboration had spawned 12 tracks and countless riffs and ideas.

And so it was that, during the deepest, darkest days of the first COVID-19 lock-down, George and James set out to find their ‘once in a lifetime’ vocalist. After surprisingly little effort, they found him! In the form of the fantastic Hugo Leite.

Hugo Leite: Vocals

The bands influences are eclectic to say the least, but central is a love of music from the new wave era of pop such as Duran Duran and New order, to other greats of the time such as Dire Straits, U2, Micheal Jackson and George Micheal to the the heavier side of rock and hip hop like Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park and Dr Dre. Needless to say, GTL draws on a lot of musical influences to create their unique sound.

Knowing they were onto something special, the auditioning process would be a tough one. Several casualties/candidates later, Bart Kowalski joined the line-up on bass:

Bart Kowalski: Bass guitar/Bass synth

Followed by Nick Shaikh on keyboards and backing vocals a few months later.

Nick Shaikh: Keyboards and backing vocals

The band have recently released their highly anticipated debut single ‘Lines of Symmetry on May 13th,  followed by several more singles during the summer to culminate in the release of their debut EP later in the year.

‘Lines of Symmetry’ is available now via all major platforms.

Connect with Good Time Locomotive (GTL)

Website | LinkTree | Spotify

Credits: Photos courtesy of: goatnoisephotography.com

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