Everything happens for a reason: ‘Rhythm Of You’ is the latest release from Canadian singer-songwriter Jenna Bennett

Canadian artist Jenna Bennett returns with her latest offering ‘Rhythm Of You’, a laid back R&B track that shows off her raw vocal talent and relatable lyricism. Jenna’s vocal delivery ranges from soft and whispering to emotional and powerful, as her sultry words layer on top of atmospheric synths and a minimal beat. There is no doubt that this track will be an essential addition to your late night R&B playlists.

Discussing the new track, Jenna Bennett shares:

“In writing ‘Rhythm of You’, I explored the idea that everything happens for a reason – so when plans get cancelled, maybe they’re supposed to. And maybe, what’s meant to be can exceed our expectations.”

Jenna Bennett

Upcoming artist and songwriter from Toronto, Canada; Jenna Bennett doesn’t play by the rules when it comes to music – it’s all about what feels and sounds good, even if that means pushing the genre boundary. With her unique tone, in depth songwriting and fresh creative vision, Jenna creates her own lane. From her powerful vocals, writing her own songs, to directing her music videos, Jenna is a triple threat that can’t be stopped. Like a puzzle, she pieces together the perfect words creating songs that connect on a different level. Always staying true to herself, Jenna wants to inspire others to be themselves.

With a natural love for music at a young age, Jenna explored her creativity throughout her youth and began making music at 15 years old. Jenna has played countless live shows, festivals and has won multiple competitions over the years, two of which brought her to Los Angeles and Barbados. Releasing singles in 2018 and 2019, Jenna spent 2020 working and developing her craft, connecting with producers and has now built up a library of songs to be released. On the cusp of something big, this singer-songwriter is excited to breakthrough into the music scene.

‘Rhythm of You’ is available now via all major platforms.

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