Review: Reggae Land 2023: A Tasty Blend of Riddims, Flavors, and Unity!

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Feel the rhythm, taste the vibes – Reggae Land 2023, a spectacular two-day reggae showcase that had hearts skanking and taste buds dancing, graced the stage at the all-new National Bowl in Milton Keynes on August 5th and 6th. With over 30,000 reggae aficionados in attendance, this event proved to be the ultimate reggae immersion.

Four stages resonated with the infectious beats of more than 80 artists, each delivering their unique take on the genre. From the legendary Sean Paul, whose chart-topping tracks echoed through the air, to the timeless sounds of Barrington Levy and the unparalleled energy of Beenie Man, the headliners left the audience craving more.

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But Reggae Land was more than just music; it was a carefully crafted fusion of culture and cuisine. The Caribbean Food Village brought the soul of the islands to the festival, boasting over 50 food traders. Succulent flavors of jerk chicken, mouthwatering plantains, and savory rice and peas tantalised taste buds, seamlessly linking heritage with the present. While the VIP area provided a taste of exclusivity, a sprinkle of variety could have elevated the culinary experience even further – an additional stand or a nod towards some more vegan options could have added that extra zest.

The skies weren’t entirely on our side, as day one saw a heavy downpour that turned the grounds into a muddy dance floor. Yet, the reggae spirit remained unshaken, and by day two, the sun smiled down, casting a golden glow on the festivities. Despite the mud underfoot, the festival vibes and reggae grooves flowed effortlessly, reminding us that a little rain can’t wash away the irie feelings.

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Reggae Land welcomed all, young and old, as a family-friendly event. Moreover, the accommodations for disabled festival-goers showcased the festival’s commitment to inclusivity, ensuring that everyone could revel in the joy of the reggae experience.

A minor suggestion floated amidst the sea of positivity – during set changes, a resident DJ could have kept the rhythm alive, preventing any lulls in the energy. With the robust lineup and the deep well of reggae hits, this could have seamlessly maintained the groove.

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Reggae Land transformed The National Bowl into a vibrant reggae universe, a feat that garnered three UK Festival Awards nominations in 2022. The festival’s expansion to this iconic venue, once graced by legends like Queen and David Bowie, solidified its place in history. Beyond the stages, a Reggae Flea market, fairground, and a VIP oasis amplified the immersion, while merchandise stalls and various bars kept the spirits high.

Reggae Land 2023 was an unmatched celebration of reggae’s essence, uniting music, culture, and cuisine in a harmonious crescendo. The amazing aromas, the rain-kissed dance floor, and the pulsating rhythms ensured that the reggae vibes remained etched in our souls long after the final notes had faded. Mark your calendars and secure your spot for next year’s sensation – Reggae Land promises to redefine the reggae experience, reminding us that the beat of the heart is always an irreplaceable part of the reggae rhythm.

Photo credit: @matteachus

Tickets for Reggae Land 2024 go on sale August 11, sign-up here.

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