Losing Herself in the Process: Meet Experimental Artist Madisyn Dell

July Afternoon

By Al Gord

Madisyn Dell was born and raised in Ottawa, Canada. Art is something that she has always enjoyed; even from very young age Madisyn has been creating for fun. It was at the age of 16 where she started to take art seriously, inspired by her studies in school. Appreciating the impact that technology can have in the arts, she began learning animation last year. She created her first short film, “Ouroboros” which will be playing in her home town, in The Ottawa International Animation Festival.

Encouraged by her growth as an artist and the reception she has received, Madisyn recently decided to leave school and continue working on her own and growing her brand as an artist. For Madisyn, she finds the digital medium exciting and limitless because it allows for movement and interaction within her art. For her, she sees this form of art as being endless with possibilities. Madisyn describes her work as experimental, one where she explores the boundaries of her imagination and perception. She works intuitively as she enjoys the experience of creating when she does not have an end result in mind.

The main themes found within her pieces focus on the human condition and the interconnection that binds things and influences their evolution. There is a lot of “mystery and chaos” when Madisyn works; it allows her to get lost in the process. She likes the work to lead her in new and unexpected directions that she otherwise would not take if she decided what her work would look like from the onset.

Madisyn finds that most of her influences are from times where she loses herself in an experience. Whether it be from sound, sight or smell, her sensual experiences play a large role in the way her art takes form. She incorporates these experiences into her work, where she lets herself be carried away by the creative process, which guides her in new directions. For Madisyn it feels like having a conversation with the art, where she is trying to describe the work, yet it is constantly shifting itself and appearing in different forms. She imagines it being like birth, where in some ways the creation is not something one is fully in control of; rather it is a result of different things coming together allowing for one’s existence.

Madisyn’s work can be viewed on her website and her social media pages: Instagram and Facebook.

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