Sultry, seductive & sexy: ‘Focus On Me’ is the latest release from emerging R&B songstress TAJ

Sultry, seductive and sexy – TAJ releases her brand new compelling track, ‘Focus On Me’, and all eyes are certainly on her. Featuring RnB beats, and vocals reminiscent of Aaliyah, this track is a great example of TAJ’s talent as a songstress, and leaves you wanting more. This particular song was inspired by her previous experiences regarding her love life. Her goal was to connect with an audience who shares a strong desire to fulfil the wants and needs within their relationship.

TAJ is a Caribbean-American artist born and raised in NYC, Bronx Native. A singer and songwriter, her music is inspired by 90s style R&B, and she references the genre throughout her catalogue of tracks. TAJ’s soothing and melodic vocals captivates listeners with personal experiences that she shares through her music. There is no doubt that TAJ will be dominating the industry soon, and her fans are already excited to see what she has to offer in 2022.

‘Focus On Me’ is available now via Spotify and all major platforms.

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