‘#idwh’ (I Don’t Want Him) is the relationship inspired new single from emerging singer-songwriter Esther Durin

Esther Durin

“The hottest track to come out of 2022 so far”, and from the words of a woman who won’t let any man stand in her way, ‘#idwh’ (I Don’t Want Him) is an instant summer banger. Esther Durin is sexy, sensational and on top form with this brand new single, leaving her fans with a taste of this fiery flavour and begging for more.

After coming out of a relationship, Esther Durin decided it was time to put her heartbreak and isolation to good use, utilising her vulnerability to craft this masterful track brimming with afro-fusion beats, lush melodies and buttery, honey-sweet vocals. Nigerian producer Timi Frost helped with the creation of this rich release, and after some time in the studio adding ad-libs and extra layers of harmonies, the track was finished and ready to be shown to the masses.

Esther Durin, based in London, has been making music since 2017 – and has been growing into her distinctive style ever since. She had previously been involved in music before this, but it was only until she moved away to University that she found the opportunity to rebrand her image and focus fully on her passion.

She released her debut EP, ‘Mood Vol 1’, as an introduction to herself and her sound, which started off as primarily RnB and Neo Soul. Her style progressed into something more Afro Fusion with the release of her sister EP, ‘Mood Vol 2’ – even more so with the release of the Afro based track with Headie One, and subsequently opening for Burna Boy in 2018 on one of his first tours.

She went on to compete in the TV show, ‘Little Mix: The Search’ with her band Nostalia finishing in 2nd place, but they later disbanded to focus on their solo material. Proving that she is a woman committed to ever changing and developing her sound, Esther Durin decided to delve deep into the world of rap, releasing ‘Active’ with the help of ISAWITFIRST at the height of their collaboration with Love Island.

This year, she decided to take a trip to Nigeria, and ultimately allowed herself to tap into her sound and firmly realise her vibe, and with the likes of Capital Xtra and GRM Daily behind her back, it won’t be long until her listeners can expect to be seeing a little more of Esther Durin in the coming months.

‘#idwh’ is available now via all major platforms.

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