A candid, seductive tribute to his dreams, aspirations, and love: ‘High Life’ is the debut EP from Dayor

Hackney-born singer-songwriter Dayor presents a candid, seductive tribute to his dreams, aspirations, and love in his eagerly awaited debut EP, ‘High Life,’ released via Platoon.

Already hailed as a significant rising star in i-D’s “Royalty” feature last year, Dayor’s distinct and captivating artistry instantly positions him as a standout talent. Fusing nostalgic, high-calibre R&B with his signature mellow-trap twist, ‘High Life’ offers a psychedelic glimpse into Dayor’s evolving psyche, exploring the allure of escapism while channeling his passion and the vivid moments that have shaped his vibrant journey to success. As he refines his unique style, encapsulating the diverse sounds and culture of East London, this artist of Nigerian heritage is on a direct path to mainstream recognition with no signs of slowing down.

Reflecting on his work, Dayor explains,

“This EP delves into escapism and what it means to me in my current life. I’m on a quest for whatever alters my state of mind, reflecting on the ups and downs that come with it all.”

Setting an intimate tone, the four-track EP opens with ‘Take Flight.’ Featuring ethereal synths and minimalistic percussion, enhanced by TK’s polished production (Knucks, Sam Wise, BXKS), the infectious backdrop provides intricate spaces for Dayor to showcase his melodic vocal harmonies—a poetic rhythm that harmonizes his vision with the pace and disarray of urban life.

Navigating through the hazy journey of ‘On Fire,’ we reach the pinnacle of Dayor’s sultry musical approach, with his euphoric vocals embodying the seductive temptations that take hold as he envisions a new romantic interest. Concluding the EP with ‘High Life’ and ‘Until The World Is Mine,’ the latter produced by the renowned LeMav (Tay Iwar, Masego, Pink Pantheress), this emerging talent reconciles with his personal journey and hardships while showcasing the evolution of his lyrical prowess at the highest level.

Since his debut in 2019 with ‘Fly Shit,’ the 22-year-old artist has been quietly honing his craft, displaying a knack for intoxicating soundscapes and compelling storytelling through his lyrics. Earning early recognition alongside emerging artists such as TE dness and E.Mak, Dayor later collaborated with multi-instrumentalist melvitto on ‘Drifting Thru’ (1M+ streams) and London favourite Gabzy on ‘Way Too Much.’

A pivotal moment came when Dayor secured key support slots for two sold-out nights at KOKO London during The Gabzy Experience Tour last year. Wrapping up a breakthrough year, the young artist was handpicked by international superstar Stormzy as part of his “Class Of 2023” for i-D MAGAZINE, alongside talents like Clavish, Tendai, and Debbie. This recognition solidified Dayor’s position as one of London’s most promising young artists emerging on the UK scene.

Already championed by cultural icons from RED BULL to GRM DAILY, ‘High Life EP’ is sure to continue garnering press attention for Dayor, solidifying his status as one of this year’s standout rising stars.

‘High Life’ is available now via all major platforms.

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