Small-island singer, taking over the big city with new wave of music: Introducing emerging songstress Zipporah

Hailing from the tropical shores of the exclusive Caribbean island of Anguilla; London born songstress, Zipporah, is back again with her latest single, ‘Pull up’.

Based in Manchester, England and raised in Anguilla, Zipporah embodies the musical soul of each nation entirely, creating an innovative amalgamation of dancehall, pop and alternative R&B music. In each song, she is able to paint a distinct combination of bluesy, sultry lyrics contrasted by tantalizing, waist-rolling rhythms, and sprinkled with messages of enlightenment. As a result of this unique sound, she has obtained previous success with her single, ‘Cake’.

Zipporah’s latest single, Pull Up, features an electrifying dancehall beat, when combined with its infectiously catchy lyrics, makes it a fire-blazing, nation-roaring, summer anthem. With a lyrical focus on emotionally abusive relationships, Zipporah is able to exude authenticity and vulnerability, allowing listeners to feel connected as they relate.

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Speaking more on the release, Zipporah says:

“It’s crazy how common emotional abuse is today, and yet how afraid we are to talk about it. While it is not as evident as physical abuse, its scars are just as traumatic. I wanted to draw attention to the feelings experienced when in an emotionally abusive relationship, particularly the feeling of being torn about ending the relationship. This song is about gaining the courage to demand better for yourself. Being able to understand that a problem exists and if it isn’t rectified, you’re not going to settle. You deserve not only happiness but peace of mind”.

The song’s music video expands on the theme painting a 1980s visual, representing a time where women were limited in opportunities. As the video progresses, messages of freedom of choice and freedom of expression are drawn.

Zipporah’s femme fatale attitude contrasted by her charismatic and humorous personality makes her a fan favorite. Ultimately, this small-island girl is set to make a big wave in the music industry.

‘Pull Up’ is available now via all major platforms.

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