An empowering and vibrant project: Introducing rising R&B songstress shanesa and her concoction of both old and new R&B sounds ‘Impasse’ EP

An empowering and vibrant project, discover a concoction of both old and new R&B sounds in shanesa’s glowing new EP ‘Impasse’. Effortlessly communicating her deepest feelings through colourful runs and melodic harmonies, shanesa takes listeners on a personal journey in her new project, all layered on top of rich soundscapes, and narrated by her impeccable and dreamy vocals.

Each of the 6 tracks in the EP convey the feeling of disappointment the songstress felt in her previous relationship, as well as the expression of relief that her situation is at an impasse. Inspired by the likes of Jhene Aiko, Jill Scott and Kehlani, shanesa’s relatable and introspective intent is accompanied perfectly by a melodic, late-night listening vibe that will tantalise the senses.

Speaking on her new project, shanesa revealed:

“I wrote ‘Impasse’ within a month. I was going through some heartache and needed an outlet because I’m not great at expressing my emotions. Hopefully this comes through in the EP.”

Born and raised in Leicester, shanesa found her love for music at an early age, performing on stages from the age of 14 for various charities like the Make a Wish Foundation, and making appearances at Leicester and Nottingham carnival. At the age of 16 she moved to London to pursue her music career and went on to study Music Performance at College and University, graduating in 2019.

Only recording and releasing for 3 years, shanesa has established her own sultry and distinct brand of R&B that she single-handedly writes, engineers, mixes and masters from home. The young talent’s debut EP ‘Esoteric’ hit over 100k streams in 2020, a stellar result for the independent artist. With big plans for the future, a luxurious sound and an uber cool aesthetic, shanesa is set for world domination, and is full speed ahead in her exciting journey.

‘Impasse’ is available now via all major platform.

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