Blending strong hip hop and R&B influences with his own organic sound: ‘Conversations’ is the latest release from emerging independent artist Cannon

Cannon is a 21-year-old independent artist from South Carolina who blends strong hip/hop and R&B influences with an organic sound he developed at open mic nights with an old acoustic guitar.

‘Conversations’ is about ignoring our personal issues for the sake of feeling like we don’t have them. It’s easier to turn to quick tricks to feel better or ignore feeling bad entirely than to really consider and engage with how we feel. There’s a really important difference between talking and having a conversation, whether it’s with ourselves or with others—and this song is emphasizing that difference. It’s easy to talk, but it’s hard to really engage with something enough to actually have a conversation. ‘Conversations’ shows someone not engaging – they tell themselves they’re trying but they’re not really. They’re lying.

‘Conversations’ is available now via all major platforms.

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