Knowing no limitations: Meet Painter Micah Lindo


By Al Gord

Micah Lindo was born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan, a prairie province in Canada. She is a millennial working as a software test engineer and she is a mature student who has gone back to school to get her double major in Computer Sciences and Social Psychology. Diagnosed with ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder at age 21, it helped Micah better understand herself as an individual. These diagnoses also helped to explain her gift of Synesthesia. Micah identifies herself as a neurodiverse individual who communicates and connects with others, visually, through her art. Utilizing her skills as a computer scientist, Micah plans to open her own virtual and ‘brick and mortar’ gallery. She is very interested in helping other artists create and cultivate their virtual galleries and is excited by the prospect of her disciplines colliding.

Micah has always been artistic and creatively inclined. As a child she would draw and doodle regularly. This passion carried over to adulthood, where even in university, she spends her time during lectures drawing rather than taking notes. Her work in the classroom became a focal point, where professors, teaching assistants and classmates would stop and comment on Micah’s work. It was the positive feedback that Micah was receiving that led her to take her first step into the world of art. She initially created an Instagram page to showcase her lecture note doodles, illustrations, and sketches.

Once the COVID-19 pandemic struck, the stress brought on by these uncertain times impacted Micah’s ability to work and take courses. After her partner expressed concern about how Micah was internalizing her emotions, Micah turned to oil painting as her own form of art therapy, to address the stresses of self-isolation. Inspired by her partner’s suggestion, she found that creating intricate paintings helped her to cope with her fears about the global health issue, to express her emotions during this unusual period and to pass the time while on her own.


Micah has appreciated the works of many artists including: Jackson Pollock, Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat, but it is Basquiat who has had the great influence on her. When she learned that Basquiat’s medium of choice was oil paints, Micah chose to experiment with that form to fully understand what was unique about it. While she values and is inspired by the works of all the aforementioned legendary artists, Micah strives to make her work authentic to her own experiences and to create her own unique style.

Her work can be best described as a combination of synesthesia, automatism, abstraction and illustrations. Micah’s paintings are full of emotions and feelings and the energy conveyed in her work is positive and vibrant. She stays true to herself through her art. The goal of her art is to tell her story, which is well received by others, as they are able to relate to Micah’s narrative, even the pieces that she believed made her different than others. Although her art is very much influenced by her emotions, her life experiences are also intertwined into her paintings. Be it her life as a millennial, a minority individual, her struggles with pain, fear and acceptance or Micah’s sense of spirituality and ancestral roots, each of her pieces are complex works with multiple layers and meaning.

Micah’s journey and her entire collection can be found on her new website and on her Instagram page.

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