Moving and empowering: ‘Shadows’ is the latest release from singer-songwriter Bella Hutton

Moving and empowering Bella Hutton’s new single takes on an emotional standpoint, reflecting over past relationships and realising the imbalance that was always there. ‘Shadows’ confronts these feelings of darkness and despair with Bella Hutton’s powerful vocal leading the way through the track, supported by sweeping lush harmonies. The feeling of being reduced to a shadow by someone is the main concept in this song but Bella Hutton’s soulful vocal performance takes us from the shadows and into the light.

Bella Hutton discovered her love of music at a young age, playing along to her favourite artists and learning their songs by ear. Although struggling with dyslexia, Bella Hutton developed a talent for songwriting and composing with ‘Shadows’ being her third release. Influenced by Amy Winehouse and Matt Healy (The 1975) she is writing and releasing her own upbeat, youthful and vibrant music that showcase her singing and songwriting ability, whilst not being afraid to take on big subjects.

‘Shadows’ is available now via all major platforms.

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