A track about self-worth and confidence: ‘Bye Bye’is the latest release from rising R&B artist JUST E.A

JUST E.A blends afropop and R&B in his latest single ‘Bye Bye’. Written in the face of a toxic relationship, ‘Bye Bye’ preaches self-worth and confidence with a catchy hook and groove to reflect the rhythmic lyrics and vocal delivery. Faced with the frustration of an ex relationship refusing to move on, JUST E.A raps with confidence and skill.

Once the personal photographer for the late rapper Cadet, London based JUST E.A has been releasing R&B rap since late 2019. Inspired by his friendship with Cadet, JUST E.A pours himself into his music, working with other artists such as Brandz and Raksu. Never afraid to dip into different genres, JUST E.A looks to pop, R&B and Afro-swing to find the perfect combination of sounds to express himself.

‘Bye Bye’ is available now via all major platforms.

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