Layers on top of layers: Introducing South Florida rap artist A.Chic and her latest E.P ‘CoCo Complex’

Talented lyricist, A.Chic, has always been known to make powerful statements within her music and now she’s brought the fire in her latest E.P ‘CoCo Complex’.

The born and raised South Florida rapper started creating raps with smooth flows at a young age, specifically reigning undefeated as a battle rapper for her local radio station for sixteen weeks. Chic has been influenced by Reggae, Hip-Hop as well as Afro-Beats throughout her life, even creating her own twist of trap and reggae by calling it ‘Treggae’, which is how she is able to blend all genres perfectly within her music.

Whilst finding her feet in the industry she has been told to go a certain direction, but realised she needed to follow her dreams and create music that she wants to make.

Singer, rapper, lyricist, creative, whatever you want to call her, Chic rises to the occasion with her latest E.P and even though the current climate has made it difficult for most people – Chic’s latest music allows listeners to ease their troubles away.

The six-track E.P combines elements of smooth and collected beats that create layers on top of layers as Chic shows off her R&B inspired vocals in ‘Bad Gyal’ and ‘Honey Gold’ that immediately create a vibe on it’s own.

‘Who’s Chic’ is one for the record books as Chic doesn’t stop going in with the creative raps and deep beats that really show A.Chic isn’t leaving this industry until she’s left her mark on it.

A.Chic on the E.P:

“Bad Gyal is for women out there who follow dreams, not crowds. It’s about saying F**K what everybody else got goin on. I move on my time, at my pace and while y’all sit there watching and wondering, im handling’s my business and getting Shit done. That’s how I live my life and I admire other women who have the courage to do the same.”

‘CoCo Complex’ is available now via all major platforms.

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