Soulful and seductive: ‘Imagine’ is the sensual debut EP from actress and singer Natasha Heschélle

‘Imagine’ is the sensual debut release from actress and singer Natasha Heschélle. Staying at home during the pandemic caused Natasha to explore a different side to her creativity which resulted in this soulful and seductive EP. A three track EP, the title track has been released with a music video, that see’s Natasha dance without a care in the world, and fully embrace her creative spirit.

Natasha Heschélle is an actress, writer, dancer and producer. She was born and raised in Zimbabwe, but moved to Canada in 2014 to pursue her acting career. Heschélle made her professional acting debut in 2019 and has not looked back ever since.

“I’ve constantly pushed myself in order to hone my craft; from meticulously studying very talented actors and role models, to taking on a wide variety of roles.” – Natasha Heschélle

‘Imagine’ is available now via all major platforms.

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