Taken from her debut EP ‘Transition The EP’, ‘What About Us’ is the latest video from rising R&B singer-songwriter Cheryll

Cheryll releases her second music video of the year for her summer single ‘What About Us’ from her latest EP entitled ‘Transition The EP’

Hailing from South London, Cheryll drops her last video from her debut project after releasing several singles over the last few years. A theme that is very clear in the majority of Cheryll’s releases is relationships and love interests. What About Us follows this same theme. The single is an R&B classic that is ahead of it’s time and that will be listened to for years to come. This is because, the single was made in an unorthodox way to what most would consider R&B. What About Us is a lot more dynamic and vibrant and this can be heard in the sing-rap style Cheryll performs the song in. The single is a lot more fun and free and although it has serious subject matter, the energy of the song is contagious and makes listeners want to get up and dance to it.

What About Us has many inspirations that are similar to the other songs from Transition. The style of early Beyonce and Destiny’s Child being some of these inspirations. What About Us is an upbeat single where Cheryll is talking to a love interest, about who is not fulfilling the role they are supposed to and has run out of chances to keep making the same “mistakes”. The subject matter will be relatable to a lot of listeners as this is a very common problem many people experience in relationships. The bouncy uptempo instrumental and methodical rapping style mixed with the open and heartfelt lyrics creates a powerful juxtaposition and results in engaging the listeners even more. D’wante Navire produced the single and was the sole engineer. The video was shot and edited by videography duo Tory and Jolloff Raids.

Cheryll has started off her 2021 campaign strong with the EP. This video continues her momentum and kicks off the summer correctly. Expect more singles of this level following on from this video in the very near future.

‘Transition The EP’ is available now via all major platforms.

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