Inspired by Trapsoul R&B and Hip-Hop: ‘A Few Saturdays’ is the new collaborative project from emerging producer and musician Louis Steinhill

Despite starting producing at the age of just 17, it took a decade before Louis Steinhill shared his music outside of his bedroom walls. After battling the all too familiar imposter syndrome, he refuses to limit himself any longer. His acceptance that art is to be shared, alongside support from his family and friends saw Louis Steinhill realise his artistic potential.

“I’m a very private person and quite protective of my art so it has warmed my heart to receive authentic reactions to my music”

Expertly moving from instrumental releases to now, Steinhill’s output knows no bounds.

Inspired by Trapsoul R&B and definitely Hip-Hop, ’A Few Saturdays’ is Louis Steinhill’s most meaningful project to-date. Letting melodies drive his music. Working with fellow artists,Louis Steinhill strived for perfection. Recorded on Saturday’s over 7 months, most songs were produced in his bedroom, with some vocals received from his collaborators in different parts of the world. “The writing process was easy because with every instrumental I made, I had an idea of what I wanted the song to sound like and what emotion I wanted to convey through the song.”

“I’ve always preferred not to disclose the story behind my stage name aside from the fact that it is an anagram. Whenever someone is curious, I encourage them to google it and hopefully they can find its origin.” Louis Steinhill’s mystery only adds fuel to the fire of our intrigue, and knowing there are no limits to his talent, we can only begin to imagine what his 2021/22 is going to look like.

is available now via all major platforms.

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