Combining influences from rock, metal to hip hop: Introducing rap rock band Saving Jackie

Saving Jackie

Encouraging messages and slamming beats is the latest from the rap rock band Saving Jackie from San Antonio, Texas. Saving Jackie is a fresh breathe of hope and inner healing with unshakeable faith. Siblings Jenny & Anthony along with John Cortez and Rick G form Saving Jackie. Combining influences from rock, metal to hip hop, the four musical veterans have played with the best of what San Antonio, TX has to offer in musicians and rappers.

All have been performing for decades and have earned their credibility for songwriting and performing. This band is like Family and it shows. Saving Jackie shares positive messages of how they overcame and continue to overcome all of life’s major trials. Their Album titled, “It’s Critical” is a jaw dropping rocking out message of victory and hope. The song’s about Jenny having cancer and how she fought to live. My Faith Is Larger is about mental health and how Jenny finds a way through PTSD to Peace. Most people say Saving Jackie sounds similar to the band, Rage Against The Machine, but with a non-political message.

Saving Jackie has been interviewed by Metal Mars, Robbs MetalWorks, Street Talk Magazine and Live From The Southside with Contributing Writer Ana Banda, Shout Out DFW Magazine from Dallas, Scriptorium Magazine in Houston, Bonita Productions with Lorena Monroe, Walter Cardozo of Jesus Es Mi Rock from Chile, Turn Up The Volume Blog in Belgium, HARDWAY Radio Program in Argentina, De OTRA Manera from Mexico, exc.

Saving Jackie

The band has recorded a video presentation for the Bora Curtir Show based in Brazil. Radio bumpers recorded for Midnight Metal Monastery, Metal Manifesto, Rock Salt Radio Podcast. Nominated for Favorite Female Fronted Band WVIU Music Awards 2022, Top Charts worldwide and actively on radio stations worldwide: GRR Top 5, Indie Alliance Top 10, He Will Rock You Top 10 in the UK, exc. SJ is now preparing to travel out to Malinche, Tlaxcala April 6-8, 2023 to perform at Exodo Fest.

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