Meet Visual Artist, Davion Elliott

Davion Elliot was born in Dayton, OH. Now living in Columbus, OH he graduated in 2017 with a 3.3 GPA. But that’s not where his journey all began. At the age of 12, Davion began his journey as an artist by doodling, painting and watching YouTube tutorials on how to draw body and face structures.

Davion likes realism, still life, and contemporary art more than anything else. His preferred art medium is graphite pencil, charcoal, acrylic paint and oil. At an early age in elementary school, Davion remembers his art teacher, who always had him and others watch tutorials of Bob Ross; which is one of his inspirations. Davion is also a fan of Andy Warhol.

“Mr. Warhol’s work is so mesmerizing. my other inspirations are others like me who are inspired by all kinds of artists all around the world.”

Davion currently does not intend on going to college but he does have somewhat of an affiliation with TransitArts in Columbus, OH. TransitArts is a non-profit buy ultram 200mg organization where all artists (in all mediums) come together to perform, practice their skills, link others to resources and seek advice. “I get my inspirations by looking at a piece of work that appeals to me, then I alter those pieces in a different way that stays true to my style.” So far, Davion has Exhibited his work at the ARC exhibition as well as the Taft Museum in Cincinnati, OH.

Thanks to TransitArts Davion has exhibited his work in numerous Columbus venues such as the Hilton Hotel, Common Wealth Bank downtown, MCconnell Art Center, and the Global Gallery.

When asked about feedback from the exhibitions and future plans Davion explains “I received a lot of positive reviews, others were a bit constructive but still positive. My future plan is to keep grinding, never stop innovating and improving on what I’m passionate about. Eventually I hope to gain a much larger audience in which I could be somewhat well known.”

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