Reflecting the seasonal changes in our emotions: Introducing emerging rap artist Jxyess and his debut EP ‘Vibe In The Winter’

Reflecting the seasonal changes in our emotions, ‘Vibe in the Winter’ is the long awaited debut EP to come from South London rapper Jxyess. Originally written in 2017, the tracks on this 5 track EP are still as relevant today as the day that they were written. Delayed by striving for perfection, Jxyess took time away from the music before recording ‘Vibe in the Winter’, needing to fall in love with the process again. We’re glad he did because ‘Vibe in the Winter’ is serving up true emotion and feeling and we can’t get enough! Characterised by a mellow lofi hip hop sound, ‘Vibe in the Winter’ is a powerful debut from the rapper.

Emerging from the street of South London, Jxyess is a vocalist who blends soft and soulful vocals with melodic rap flows to captivate the ears of his listeners. Drawing inspiration from personal relationships, past experiences and the triumphs and challenges that come with day to day life, Jxyess steps into the booth with the sole mission of creating a connection through his music through the delivery of emotion. ‘Vibe in the Winter’ follows on from the success of his first two singles which have amassed over 100k and 200k streams each.

‘Vibe in the Winter’ is available now via all major platforms.

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